“Wind Therapy Freedom Riders is a fantastic group of people”

A fantastic group of people called the Wind Therapy Freedom Riders were putting together the final details of their plan to solute 92-year-old Mr. Louis C Hicks, a WW2 veteran who lives in Austin, right here in Round Rock at Lucky’s Chicago Style Grill on Hesters Crossing Road.

Wind Therapy Freedom Riders create an event for the second weekend in February to honor Mr. Hicks and heat, seal and repair Hicks’ home with the help of the Austin police, Fernando Zapo and other members of the Austin community.

Wind Therapy Freedom Riders is a group motorcycle enthuses from all backgrounds, brought together by passion, purpose, and spirituality. They spend time teaching and learning, sharing tips and techniques with young and old, new and experienced. In addition to supporting each other and often give to the less fortunate. WTFrs support those first responders and military professionals, past & present, who dedicate their lives to protecting, defending, saving and serving this great nation!

The owner of Lucky’s, Jerry Honnell stated “We were enjoyed having them meet here and hope they come back again. The Wind Therapy Freedom Riders are a fantastic group of people. We proudly support all organization that gives back to the community.”

There is video of the event at Mr. Hicks Home in Austin on most of the local Austin Television station websites.

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