Well we survived the storms but some areas took a hit!

The strong thunderstorms that were predicted by the US Weather Service did make to Round Rock. After all the lighting and thunder the CUN.NEWS rain gauge only measured .4 of an inch of rain and we did not see any hail but other parts of central Texas did not do as well.

Fredericksburg area saw some high wind gust up to 60 miles per hour in one storm cell and for a while, the weather radar indicated some rotation in the same cell but fortunately, no tornado developed from the storm.

Georgetown reported baseball size hail in the area near Sun City. There appears to be some major hail damage in that area. Not only was the hail stone the largest one in the area but may have broken a national record. Madelyn Young Ereckson is credited for a photo of one of the massive hail stones.

With yesterday being the 23rd anniversary of the Jarrell tornado, I think many of us in the area felt a little knot in our stomach when the storms rolled in, but all in all Round Rock did not have as severe a storm as other areas but there was enough lighting to last us a while.

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