Truck crashes through I-35 guardrail, hits van and narrowly misses serviceman in Round Rock

One young man is the luckiest man alive tonight!

While he was going about his work servicing the air pump at the Shell Gas Station along I35 in Round Rock. He heard a bang and when he looked up he saw an 18 wheeler that had just broken through the I-35 guardrail and was headed right for him. The 18 wheeler, impacted the side of a van on the service road and proceeded to hit the beams that support the Shell sign and then came to rest on top of the very spot where the air pump was located.

From what we learned from the other witnesses at the scene, several people involved in the accident were slightly injured, but by the looks of the wrecked vehicles, it was amazing that no one was killed.

Oh, and the serviceman’s vehicle ended up with only a broken taillight. A lucky day for him indeed!

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