Three ways to survive Oak allergies.

Oak trees catkins

Itchy eyes and runny nose? Is your car is covered in a fuzzy yellow/green blanket? Blame those Oak trees, at least this week. Oak pollen is off the charts and the forecast for the rest is not looking good.

Oak trees produce both male and female flowers. The male flowers hang in long, yellowish-green clusters called catkins and this week those catkins are putting out a tremendous amount of pollen.

So how can you help reduce the effects of this barrage of Oak pollen. Well here are three recommendations:

  1. Keep windows in your home and car closed. Oak pollen can filter through window screens and once inside, the sticky pollen can stick to any surface it comes in contact with. If your car windows are open that same yellow/green fuzz on the hood and windshield of your car will stick to the interior surfaces of the car and if you come in contact with it, it will fire-up those allergies
  2. Avoid outdoor activities in the morning. Save outside activities for the late afternoon and evening when pollen levels are lower.
  3. Make sure you’re changing your clothes and wash off your face after being outside. When you are outside, that sticky Oak pollen sticks to everything including your skin and clothes. Once you enter your home after working or exercising outside change your clothes and if you can’t shower at least wash your hands and face.

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