Starbucks is adopting a “To-Go” operating model

I spoke with a local Starbucks and they are adopting a “To-Go” mode of operation. What that means is they are removing the chairs from their stores to eliminate people gathering or meeting inside the store and possibly outdoors as well. This is only a temporary measure until the Covert 19 threat is diminished. It is for the protection of the customers as well as the staff.

You will still be able to walk in and order or pick up mobile app orders but there will be no seating for you to sit. The drive thru will continue operating as usual.

If you have any information regarding the closing or change of operations or hours let us know so we can share that information. Email information to Be Safe

We will update you as we receive any additional information. Keep visiting our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for new updates on all the cancellation and information on what is going on in Round Rock.

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