Some people are staying home and strategically planning their approach to the Covid 19 problem

Long lines at the Grocery stores and empty shelves are causing great concern but some people are staying home and strategically planning their approach to the Covid 19 problem.

Many local restaurants are seeing a decrease in walk-in customers but their online take-out and delivery orders are breaking records. People are choosing not to stand in the crowded check-out lines at grocery stores and opting instead to order delivery or place online orders for pick-up. “For now we are ordering online.”One couple told me while they were picking up their order. “Once the panic buying stops we will go to the store and stock up. I am not worried about the Coronavirus, the regular flu is still out there and I do not want to stand in a long, crowed line at the grocery store.”

Local restaurants in Round Rock that we spoke to said they have seen their delivery and take-out orders more than double this past week. Lucky’s Grill in Round Rock (formally Lucky’s Chicago Style Grill) uses several delivery services including Uber, Grubhub, Doordash, and Favor as well as offers online ordering on their website for pick-up. Their walk-in clients have declined 22% but their online ordering has increased over 150% this past week.

When I interviewed the owners of Lucky’s, Jerry and CoCo Honell, they said they were surprised to see how quickly the delivery orders ramped up but they are having no problem covering the orders.

“We are stocked well and we are not seeing any issues in getting product including fresh produce. Our suppliers have plenty of stock, deliver daily and deliver quickly if we get low on any item.” Jerry stated. “We are getting lots of orders for burgers, steak sandwiches, gyros, and Ruebens.”


CoCo is in charge of sanitizing both the restaurant kitchen and dining area and she has doubled her efforts on the front-of-the-house (dining) area. “I wipe down every table and chair with disinfectant and mop the floors with a strong disinfectant each morning, same with the restrooms. We always wipe down the table after each customer leaves. Now I wipe down and disinfect the tables, chair, floors, order counter and door handles constantly.”

Other restaurants I spoke with are seeing the same increase in online ordering and deliveries and all have increased their disinfectant procedures in the dining areas and restrooms.

Speaking with several food distributors, they all confirmed that they are well stocked and that they are increasing their deliveries to restaurants to support online and delivery demands. “Since restaurants do not stockpile food we are not seeing sudden shortages” one supplier’s rep stated. “We have plenty of supplies, we are meeting the current demand, and we can scale up quickly if needed.”

So if standing in a crowded line at a grocery store does not sound appealing to you, considering call one of the many restaurants in the Round Rock area and dining at home. There are lots of great online deals right now like Lucky’s. They are offering 5% off of online orders placed through their website at

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