Round Rock Care Center reports a Covid-19 “Cluster” outbreak

The Williamson County Rapid Response Viral Strike team says it is responding to San Gabriel Rehabilitation and Care Center and other possible COVID-19 nursing home clusters here in Round Rock. Amy Jarosek, team leader for the Viral Strike Force confirmed that a cluster has been detected at the San Gabriel Rehabilitation and Care Center facility in Round Rock. She did not identify any other cluster locations. A “Cluster” is defined as one or more residents/staff testing positive for the virus in a care center.”

In a letter posted on-line dated July 14th   Leah Gage, Administrator wrote:

 We have been extremely busy administering tests to all of our residents and staff, which was completed on July 8th. We are still waiting for results on all of the tests, but can confirm that, as of today, 48 residents and 33 staff members have tested positive for COVID-19.”

The Williamson County Viral Strike Team is a 30 member team comprised of paramedics, fire personnel, and county health officials who are looking for possible “Cluster Outbreaks” by visiting all 62 long term nursing homes, memory care & assisted living facilities in Williamson County. The team monitors for possible outbreaks facilities and when a “Cluster” is detected they stay in close contact with the facilities assessing their infection control progress and working in a supportive role acting as a guide on what to do.

In Gage’s letter she continued,“While we are disappointed to see the increased number of cases in our facility, we knew that our numbers would likely go up as a result of mass testing. Rather than be discouraged by more known cases, we are encouraged that access to testing is improving our ability to respond to this virus and will enable us to protect our residents and staff in a more targeted way moving forward. We are committed to seeing the number of positive cases in our facility go down and we will continue to implement and practice enhanced safety precautions recommended by our federal, state and local health officials, such as, only allowing essential personnel inside the facility, performing regular screenings for signs and symptoms of illness prior entering the building, continually monitoring residents, performing regular deep cleanings, using PPE as recommended by the CDC, providing individual activities as opposed to group activities, implementing isolation protocols as required, and reminding and encouraging staff to practice social distancing and to use hand sanitizer and frequently wash their hands when they are in the facility and out in the community.”

In April of this year, Covid-19 clusters were identified in 3 nursing home facilities in Williamson County. Facilities in Round Rock, Georgetown and Cedar Park were identified as having clusters. The Trinity Care Center in Round Rock had over 70 people including residents and staff with confirmed cases. Sadly, there were multiple fatalities among the residents there.

Click here for a link to Williamson County’s latest Covid-19 Information

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