Nolan Ryan’s latest venture “Goodstock” opened on Friday in Round Rock.

Goodstock is a new Butcher Shop located at 3800 E. Palm Valley Road here in Round Rock and while it is small in size it offers a large variety of select meats, seasonings, and all the tools needed to create a great meal for your family and friends.

There is a display case where an experienced in-house butcher can assist you in selecting the best meats and then custom cut your selections. These days a chance to talk to a knowledgeable butcher who can share their incites on the best meat selection and many ways to prepare your meat is a luxury that you can’t find in a grocery store setting.

In addition to a great selection of Texas raised, Nolan Ryan’s meats, they offer rubs and other seasonings for sale but they don’t stop there. Goodstock offers a custom-designed smoker every meat lover will want, as well as, one of a kind custom made aprons and an assortment of high-quality grilling utensils.  

For those who already know what they are looking for or in a hurry there is a refrigerated case full of freshly package meats so you can grab and go!

The Goodstock will be open Wednesday thru Fridays from 11 am to 7 pm, Saturdays from 8 am to 6 pm and Sundays from Noon to 5 pm.

In addition to supplying Round Rock with a fine assortment of quality meats, they will be adding training in the future. A great way to learn how to expand your cooking and BBQ skills to help keep you the “Top Chef” on the block.

For more details, you can visit the Goodstock website at or call them at 512-582-2333.

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