Bluetooth Proximity marketing

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Welcome to innovative proximity marketing!

We have developed a cost effective platform that effortlessly allows you to communicate with thousands of your local potential customers and works 7 days a week for  less than $1.25 per day!

What are Bluetooth Beacons

One of the fastest growing technologies used by marketing groups today is Bluetooth technology. Digital marketers use a low power Bluetooth transmitter called a “Beacon”. These “Beacons” transmit a message to the potential customer’s the immediate proximity, mobile phone or tablet. The message is typically a web link for a landing page ad or face book page.

The link appears as a message in the notification area of the mobile phone or tablet. When the potential customer click on the message they are linked through the internet to the Landing Page or Facebook page. There the typically have the option to “opt in” into a mailing list, SMS list or request information be sent to their email account.

The “Beacon” can only transmit and does not receive any information. The information transmitted can also be Telemetry such as location, temperature or pressure which can be used by an app the customer has downloaded to help them locate items, places or products.

Our Plans



For home based & on-line businesses.

  • 1 Bluetooth Beacon
  • 1 Full Color Landing page
  • 1 Landing Page update per month
  • Basic Monthly Activity Report

$5/mo for additional beacon

$25/mo for additional Page

Store Front


For small brick & mortar businesses.

  • 3 Bluetooth Beacon
  • 2 Full Color Landing page
  • 4 Landing Page updates per month
  • Monthly Activity Report

$5/mo for additional beacon

$25/mo for additional Page

Sales Force


For field bases sales force and service fleets.

  • 6 Bluetooth Beacon
  • 3 Full Color Landing page
  • Unlimited Landing Page updates
  • Weekly Activity Report

$5/mo for additional beacon

$25/mo for additional Page

* Priced based on one year contract but is billed monthly.