Downtown Developments

Check out the latest downtown building projects

The Round Rock City Council places a high priority on downtown development in the Strategic Plan. Below is a list of projects currently in progress downtown. This list will continue to be updated as more projects are underway. Last updated December 6, 2018

Key Address Use Construction Type Status
1 SE corner
Austin & Lewis
Live/work unit
for architect
New Under Construction
2 SE corner
Spring & Pecan
12-unit townhouse New Recently Completed
3 115 & 311 E. Bagdad The Depot Townhomes New Under Review
4 204 E. Liberty Office & Upper Story
New Planned
5 204 Fannin Event Center (The Grove) New Recently Completed
6 401 N. Lampasas Office (Fischer Properties) New Recently Completed
7 200 E. Austin Office (KAH Architecture) New Planned
8 607 E. Main Retail / Residential Renovation Under Review
9 304 Fannin Boutique Hotel (The Ruby Hotel) New Under Construction
10 105 W. Liberty Restaurant & upper-story
office or residential
New Planned
11 103 N. Brown Retail (Living Waters Fly Fishing) New Recently Completed
12 410 W. Main Restaurant (Finley’s) Renovation Recently Completed
13 904 E. Main Office (Izzo & Assoc.) Conversion Recently Completed
14 208 E. Liberty Bar (The Barking Shark) Conversion Under Review
15 110 E. Anderson Retail
(620 Florist)
Renovation Recently Completed
16 806 E. Austin Single-Family Home New Under Construction
17 203 E. Main Restaurant (Slap Box Pizzicheria) Renovation Recently Completed
18 104 S. Black Single-Family Home New Under Construction
19 211 N. Mays Office New Planned
23 507 W. Liberty Office (Peal & Associates) Renovation Recently Completed
21 101 E. Main Bar (Sugar Daddy’s) Renovation Under Construction
22 118 E. Main Restaurant (Nixtamal) Renovation Recently Completed
23 409 W. Main 3-story office New Planned
24 500 N. Mays Round Rock Library New Planned
25 106 S. Mays Coffe & Pharmacy
Renovation Recently Completed
26 504 E. Main Event Center (Woodbine Mansion) Renovation Under Review
27 506 N. Sheppard Office Conversion Under Construction
28 809 E. Liberty Accessory Dwelling Unit
(Garage Apartment)
Addition Under Construction
29 103 E. Main Liberty Barbecue Conversion Under Review
30 205 N. Mays Bar (The Flats) Conversion Under Review
31 200 Round Rock Ave. Water Tower Mixed Use Project New Conceptual Planning
32 305 W. Liberty Palaterra Office Building New Under Review

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