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This sign stands for many things and serves many purposes. It stands for courage and dedication of all who serve, be it our military, Police, Firemen, EMTs, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Religious Leaders, and Small Businesses.

It stands for the resilience of the people of this country who will rebuild anything that is lost. For all who love their families and are working so hard to care for them and protect them.

I hope it will help our children to understand that things may be bad right now and a little scary, but there is hope!

This is not a Left thing or Right thing, it is a Human thing! We all need to help one another.

Print this sign-out and place it in the window so our children can see they are not alone, there are others out there who care.

Place it in your window to show those who are serving your community, the Police and Firemen, the Doctors and all the medical support staff, Educators who are working hard to find ways to keep our children’s education going that we are thankful for their service.

Send it to everyone you can to lift their spirits and maybe give them a little hope. This sign stand for many things and many purposes. I hope it brings comfort to you and to all our children. Stay safe, stay strong.

The art work you see on this page is free of charge to all for reprint and personal use in social media but are not to be used for resale. You are not permitted to use the graphics for clothing such as tee shirts, or signs, etc. to sell for profit. If you wish to use the graphics for resell please be fair and contact us at . Thank You!