COVID-19: So where do we stand in Round Rock?

We are 106 days into the COVID-19 event and the Williamson County and Cities Health District(WCCHD) is reporting 333 confirmed cases and 11 fatalities in Williamson County.

Worldwide there are over 3 ½ million confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported with 254,430 deaths after 15 weeks of recording COVID-19 statistics. The US has seen 1,192,119 confirmed cases and a total of 70,115 fatalities.

Texas has fared much better than many states. Texas is reporting 33,369 confirmed cases and only 906 fatalities. That is 2.8% of the total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the US and 1.3% of the fatalities in the US.

As for Round Rock, we have approximately 152 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 76 open cases and 68 recovered individuals. WCCHD is also reporting 8 fatalities in Round Rock at this time.

On April 27th, WCCHD reported a cluster of 46 confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the Trinity Care Center in Round Rock. Over 200 test samples were taken at the nursing home on April 23rd and 24th. Approximately 2/3 of the confirmed cases are residents of the nursing home and the balance of cases are members of the staff. One confirmed fatality at the nursing was announced on April 28th. We can confirm a 69-year-old female resident past away early April 28th morning.

This morning, May 5th, there was a report that there has been a second break out in another wing of the Trinity Nursing facility and the total number of confirmed cases in the facility is now 70. There are also confirmed cases in a facility in Georgetown and and a Senior Center in Cedar Park.

In a commissioner’s court meeting held this morning Judge Gravell commented that we have lost 5 to 6 individuals in nursing homes this past week but did not identify which nursing homes.

WCCHD also reported 38 confirmed cases in Georgetown and 2 fatalities and 27 confirmed cases in Hutto with 1 fatality.

Our Governor held a news conference at 2:30 pm today and announced opening more businesses. We will have a complete list of the new opening tomorrow.

For quick access to the daily statistics for Texas and Williamson County and a link to an up to date list of testing centers visit .

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