Gift Certificates


One way to support our CommUnity Businesses is to buy a gift certificate from a local Round Rock small business.

Small Business people like me take great pride in serving our CommUnity. Loans and grants are nice but doing what we do best, serving our CommUnity, employing local people, and helping other small businesses grow, is what we live for.

We know things are tight right now and we realize you may not require our service today. By buying a gift certificate from a local business today you are investing in a small business, funding their operations, and helping them to pay their employees.

Also, by buying a gift certificate from a business here in Round Rock you are funding our City Services like police and Fire Services with the sales tax when the gift certificate is redeemed.

Gift Certificates are also a great way to support those in our CommUnity who are in need. You can buy a gift certificate and give it to someone in need of a service like food from a local restaurant, services like air conditioning repair or you can donate The gift certificate to a Church or Charitable Organization to hand out to someone in need.

This page will help you identify which local businesses offer Gift Certificates.  So look over the list and see if there is a local business you could support and click on the link to their website for details. On their websites, you will see what services are available and how to purchase them.

If you are a small business and would like to be on this page email us at and we will add you to the list for free.  If you have any questions please call 512-466-1448 between 8 am and 5 pm on weekdays.



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Help CUN.NEWS help our Small Businesses!

If you are a small business that offers Gifts Certificates or knows of a small business that offers Gift Certificates that is not listed here contact us at or call us at 512-466-1448.