Buying or selling item on Craigslist or Facebook?

Are you buying or selling on Craigslist, Facebook or the internet?

Do it safely! If you need to meet with someone you do not know, do it safely by meeting them in a location that is public and under video surveillance.

Round Rock Police have created a Safety Exchange Zone in their parking lot in front of the Police Department Headquarters.

As you enter the parking lot you will see two signs like the one shown above in several parking spaces. The whole purpose of the parking spots is to provide a safe place for you to sell or buy items from people you meet online.

The spaces are across the lot from the building to provide you with some privacy but security cameras are aimed at the marked spaces and the area is well lit.

If you need to meet someone and you are carrying cash or have expensive items consider using the Safety Exchange Zone area to carry out the transactions safely.

Thank you Round Rock Police for providing this Safety Zone!


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