Join The “Because I Care” Movement


Join our CUN.NEWS CommUnity Enews Channel effort to stop the spread. Join the “Because I Care” movement by writing “Because I Care” on your mask or placing a “Because I Care” sticker on your mask and let the world know you wear your mask because you care about others.

Show some love and save a life!

Let’s face it wearing a mask is uncomfortable! Even those who wear a mask every day because their jobs require will admit that. You never really get used to them. But at this moment and time, there is no real alternative if you are going into areas where “Social Distancing” is not always possible.

We know that the Covid-19 virus problems start when the virus enters our body through our respiratory system. That is your most vulnerable spot, your nose, and your mouth.  

We also know that the primary method of spreading (shedding) the virus is through saliva when we speak and cough and droplets when we sneeze.

We now know an infected person can be spreading the virus before they even know they are infected because the symptoms have not started yet or the symptoms are so mild they do not realize they have the virus. The bottom line is we could be spreading the virus to people without realizing it.

So the best way to avoid spreading Covid-19 and reduce your chances of inhaling the virus is to wear a mask.

There is great debate over which type of mask is the most effective to stop the shedding and filter the virus from entering our respiratory system. But there is little debate that a person wearing a mask will do more to stop the spread of the virus than someone not wearing a mask. There is no 100% guaranty that you will not get Covid-19 and spread it when you wear a mask but there is a 100% guaranty you will reduce the chance of getting or spreading the virus over not wearing a mask.

The sooner we stop the spread, the sooner we save lives, and the sooner we can eliminate the need to wear a mask.