Austin Bomber was not motivated by any”recognized ideology”

The FBI has concluded that there is no evidence that 23-year-old Mark Conditt was motivated by any”recognized ideology” when he constructed multiple bombs and placed them in locations that injured five people and killed two. They also concluded that there is no evidence that he had any accomplices.

“In the course of its investigation, the government found no evidence of communications or links between Conditt and any international terror groups or domestic hate groups,” according to the document. “The government likewise found no evidence that any recognized ideology had motivated Conditt. The government has no basis to believe that any additional charges will be sought.”

Conditt’s bombing spree started on March 2nd which killed 39-year-old Anthony House of Austin when he picked up a package on the doorstep of his home. Ten days later 17-year-old Draylen Mason was killed and his mother was injured when Draylen brought a package left on their porch into the home. Hours later a third bomb exploded severely injuring 75-year-old Esperanza Herrera when she picked up a package on her porch.

A few days later a bomb injured two men in another part of town when they stepped on a trip wire.

Conditt then attempted to FedEx several bombs to homes in the area however the bombs were intercepted by the authorities and dismantled without incident.

The Austin police working together with a host of state and federal agencies and finally located Conditt in his vehicle in a hotel parking lot here in Round Rock. When the authorities attempted to stop Conditt he pulled over along the I 35 service road and then detonated a bomb killing himself and injuring several Swat officers.









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