A new look at the numbers for Round Rock and Williamson County

So how is Round Rock fairing right now in the Covid-19 pandemic. Well, things could be better but, overall our statistic compared to other counties, we are definitely not the worse.  The Covid-19 Dashboard statics for the whole State of Texas as of Noon today shows there have been 210,585 confirmed cases and sadly a total of 2,715 fatalities to date. The Williamson County Dashboard indicated there have been 3,318 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 46 fatalities to date.  

Williamson County Dashboard

The county with the greatest number of reported cases is Harris County at 37,776 with 401 fatalities followed by Dallas County with 27,054 confirmed cases and 401 fatalities. Williamson County is ranked 14th in the number of confirmed cases in the state and 13th in fatalities out of 137 counties that are reporting.

Travis County is number 5 in the state with 12,408 confirmed cases reported and 4th in the state with 151 fatalities.

Travis County Dashboard

When we focus on the demographics we see where there is not much of a difference in the age group distribution, that have confirmed cases of Covid-19, between the State of Texas, Travis County, and Williamson County Dashboards. Those who are in the 20 to 40-year-old age groups make up 60% of the confirmed cases and 21.7% of the people hospitalized in Travis County are between the ages of 20 and 40.

Williamson County vs Travis County demographics

If we focus even further on the Williamson County number you can see approximately the same age distribution but substantially lower numbers.

A look at several cities in Williamson County you can see that Round Rock has had more confirmed cases and fatalities than the other cities in the county. One of the reasons for Round Rock’s high case and fatality numbers is in addition to having the largest population in the county we sadly had a Covid-19 outbreak at one of the Nursing Homes in town. Round Rock has had 894 confirmed case and 27 fatalities to date.

Statistics from Williamson County Dashboard

Looking at the rate of new confirmed cases in Round Rock we can see that the trend line is beginning to flatten after the dramatic upswing starting on June 15th. This could be attributed to the changes implemented by the Governor and Round Rock City Council on June 26th and 29th but it is a little too early to tell.

New Confirmed Cases in Williamson County

All in all, we are not out of this yet, we have sadly lost some of members of our community and some have had a tough go of it but if we continue to follow protocols like hand washing, social distancing and wear that pesky mask we may get rid of this virus. But no one has yet to produce a magic bullet and we will only get out of this if we all work together.

Stay safe!

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