Stop the hate!

"it's not a left thing or a right thing it's a human being thing"

It is time to stop shouting and start listening!

I remember an old Rail Road crossing in my hometown when I was growing up that had a sign that said “Stop”, “Look” &  “Listen”. I always thought it was a bit foolish that someone would post such a sign because it was just common sense to do it.

One day my grandmother and I were walking past the sign on the way to the neighborhood store.  I told my grandmother that the sign was silly and ask her why someone felt it necessary to put up such a sign. She looked at me and said “sometimes grown-ups get so busy with their lives that they sometimes forget to do the simple things and they need a reminder from time to time”.

In today’s politically charged environment, in these times of constant hate-filled rhetoric, I cannot think of a more appropriate sign than ”Stop” “Look” & “Listen”.  It is common sense that has been pushed to the curb and needs to be pushed back in front of all of us.

Whenever I hear someone go on one of those hate-filled rants I wonder if they realize that they do more harm to their cause then good.  Do they understand that they would be more convincing if they just “Stop” “Look” & “Listen”? Shouting at others and spewing hate, putting down others just because they do not agree with your point of view gets you nowhere. If your point of view has merit, you do not need to bully someone with hate to get your point across.

If you have an important message to get out, remember that old sign and the wisdom behind “Stop” “Look” & “Listen”!

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